Spring at the Pridwin Hotel, getting ready to open

May 10th, 2009

Our first box turtle of spring, who we helped across the road, of course.

Our first box turtle of spring, who we helped across the road, of course.

Spring continues to bloom and grow on Shelter Island. The grass got its first cut after shooting up from a number of spring showers. And we saw our first box turtle, a sure sign of spring, just in time for our opening next weekend.

Another sure sign of spring at the Pridwin is the return of our chef, Keith Marty, from his winter hiatus traveling. Keith, who is arriving today, spends a lot of his off time in a much warmer climate than Shelter Island in winter, trying out new recipes. We’ll get a first taste of those as menu specials over Memorial Day weekend, when we serve our first meals to guests in for the special 3-day weekend package, which includes breakfast and dinner.

The fish are coming back into the bay, as well. While Captain Dick Petry and his son Gregg are still waiting on the arrival of weakfish, they did catch a few blue fish (absolutely fabulous tasting when fresh out of the water) and some striped bass, which were not quite keeper size and got released. There have also been some squid sighting off the Pridwin dock, which will be used both for calamari specials at the hotel as well as for bait when the Pridwin boat goes off shore this summer in search of swordfish, mako shark and the famous Pridwin-caught yellow fin tuna.

You can be sure there will be some fresh fish on the menu Memorial Day weekend.


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