Tonight is the Night: Pridwin Cookout, Peace/Love and Michael Jackson Dance Off

July 3rd, 2009

One of the highlights of the Pridwin season is the cookout around the July 4th Fireworks. Shelter Island has moved its firework celebration away from July 4th, but Greenport always keeps fairly faithful to Independence Day. Fairly, we say now, because for whatever reason Greenport chose to schedule their fireworks (always a great display) tonight, July 3rd. (Perhaps someone out there knows the answer and can share it with us as a comment?)

As goes the Greenport fireworks, so goes the annual Pridwin Hotel July 4th cookout on the front lawn. So tonight we’ll be celebrating with our singular cookout spread, adding some special items for the occasion, such as filet mignon, local wines and a few other upgrades.

The “Summer of Love” soundtrack has also become a tradition with music from the 60s setting the tone of independence on the lawn and inspiring spontaneous dancing, because almost everyone has a little hippy in them.

Following the cookout and fireworks, the party will continue poolside under the stars with a Michael Jackson tribute, the Michael Jackson Dance-off from 10 PM to midnight. Bring your best moonwalk….


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