Swimming off dock on the bay…

August 22nd, 2009

A perfect time for a swim off the Pridwin dock.

A perfect time for a swim off the Pridwin dock.

The Pridwin pool is definitely the center of daytime activity at the hotel, which is understandable as it is ideally situated overlooking the bay and is usually caressed by a light breeze. People also gravitate easily to pools and their crystal clear water. There’s something about open water that just freaks many people out. Yet, out in front of the Pridwin is one of the greatest swimming holes on the planet: the bay on Crescent Beach.

For those of us who look at swimming as just as much therapy as exercise, there is an importance to the quality of open salt water and both the knowledge and reality that the water is flowing in and out from the ocean. Once the water reaches Crescent Beach it has become the perfect temperature, as many of us may agree the ocean temperature, which ranges usually in the 60s is a bit brisk. The bay water at around 70 degrees is a perfect temperature for cooling down without any shock factor. Ocean waves are great, but they require energy and caution to manage, whereas the gentle waves of the bay are perfect for a relaxing cool down.

The swimming experience varies in the bay based on the tides. Low tide is generally associated with moving water as the current rushes through bringing the water out and into the bay. For many of us, the epitome (perhaps epiphany is an even better word) of summer is a high tide swim at the end of the day.

The majority of guests who stay at the Pridwin never venture to jump off the dock. And they are missing one of the greatest experiences the hotel has to offer.


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