Another Great Summer Gone By…

September 13th, 2009

On Labor Day, the Pridwin restaurant served its last dinner of the season. It was a beautiful if chilly night with an already typical autumnal sunset, dominated by pink and a light iridescent blue. For the remainder of 2009, the Pridwin restaurant is closed except for special parties, weddings and private events.

Many people wonder why our season is so short, essentially 8 weeks from the week before July 4th until Labor Day. The simple answer is, ‘that’s the way it’s always been.’ Anyone familiar with the ebb and flow of life on Shelter Island, knows that the Tuesday following Labor Day is renowned for its eerie stillness. Eerie stillness is not one of the qualities conducive to doing business, but there are other factors at work as well.

“Back to school” is a big one. There is just a natural transition from summer to fall when school begins and most summer visitors leave Shelter Island for the season. Some folks come out on weekends, but this number falls off with the temperature.

The Pridwin (as well as numerous other businesses on the island) rely on seasonal staff and many of these people have to return to school or to warmer climates for the summer. By the end of October, the Pridwin will be completely closed, buttoned up for the winter.

We at the Pridwin thank all of you who visited us this summer for a stay or a meal, or both. We appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to post it here on the blog or write us at [email protected]

Happy autumn!


Sign Up for Specials at the Pridwin Hotel

Over the course of the too-long winter we will be offering specials to our past guests and loyal website followers.  If you’d like to receive notice of such offers, please send us an e-mail and we will add you to our list.   To do so, just send a quick e-mail at [email protected]