Spring Time and the Pridwin Hotel Comes Back to Life

April 18th, 2010

Today there is a wintery chill in the air, yet everything else points to spring. Trees are blooming, the birds are making a wild racket and the grass is close to being ready for its first cut.

The trees are finally in bloom on Shelter Island.

The trees are finally in bloom on Shelter Island.

Spring comes a little more slowly to Shelter Island than up island and Manhattan because Shelter Island is surrounded by cool water, which keeps the breezes cool even as the sunny days get warm and even hot. So typically the trees bloom two weeks or more after they do in the city.

While the air is still cool, the Pridwin grounds get raked and cleaned up. The water gets turned on, the sheets pulled off the furniture and the entire place gets cleaned and polished from top to bottom.

The Pridwin Hotel rooms and cottages will open this year beginning May 14 by which time the place will be in perfect condition, the grass freshly mowed and the trees covered with their fledgling, light green leaves.


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