May is the Unsung Month of Shelter Island

May 22nd, 2010

May is the Unsung month of Shelter Island, unless you are a bird. The birds are ecstatic and are making a beautiful racket. The birds are ecstatic to be back in their summer home and do not choose May arbitrarily. Everything is in fresh bloom, the grass is a rich, vibrant green and you cannot escape the excitement of life anew….if you’re a bird.

Otherwise, it is relatively quiet on Shelter Island if you look at the restaurants and bars, there’s no problem finding a seat. If the Pridwin did not have a wedding celebration this weekend, our occupancy would be relatively quiet as well. May is just a quiet month. Many factors conspire for this. Children are still in school, many parents are tethered to their kids’ soccer programs and those without kids may even be tethered to things like softball teams or community gardens. It certainly is no fault of Shelter Island, which is full-on beautiful. Of course, this will all change next weekend, Memorial Day weekend, when people officially in their minds and bodies make the shift from winter to summer.

There are many exciting developments this season at the Pridwin from new design initiatives, to a new Dining Room team as well as significant changes that will happen to the Pridwin’s local-centric menu.

More to come on that here on the Pridwin blog. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of May! And keep an eye on this blog for exclusive Pridwin blog-special offers.


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