Breathless* – The first ever Car Show and Cookout at the Pridwin

July 17th, 2010

For years we’ve noticed that each season an increasing number of cool ‘summer cars’ appear on Shetler Island. We see classics, lots of convertibles of all models, shapes and sized and even some antique cars cruising around, up and down the beaches or parked in the lot at the IGA. We decided to throw a Car Show at the Pridwin Hotel so islanders (and off-islanders) can show off their cool summer rides.

On Sunday, July 25th from 12:30-3PM, the Pridwin will host “Breathless,” the first ever Car Show and Cookout. Bring your summer car over, park in front of the hotel on Crescent Beach and enjoy a great Pridwin cookout on the lawn. We want to hear your stories about how you obtained your car and many folks, we’re sure will want to share information on how you keep her in good shape.

Rolls Royce will be at “Breathless” too, showing off two new models. Product specialists will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about these (in)famous luxury cars.

We recommend you make a reservation, so please call 631-749-0476.

Big Red wants to party with your cool summer car!

Big Red wants to party with your cool summer car!


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