A “Nip and Tuck” for the Pridwin Hotel

January 31st, 2011

Sometime in the past two years, it dawned on us that we were approaching in the 2012 season, the 50th anniversary of the Petry family’s operation of the Pridwin Hotel. We immediately realized that it would be a cause for celebration, but feel that more important than the Petry involvement is an appreciation of the history of this classic Shelter Island hotel that has not only been a centerpiece of many people’s summer memories, but is more and more a part of Shelter Island’s history.

Toward that end, we have determined to work to give the ‘great white lady’ a ‘nip and tuck.’ Though our aim is to be less like ‘plastic surgery’ and more like ‘physical training.’ We don’t want to change the hotel into something it is not, but rather to restore her relaxed elegance and grace, the way you can more easily to buildings than people!

A glimpse of the newly-designed Pridwin lobby by Glenn Gissler

Last season we engaged a long-time guest of the hotel, New York City-based interior designer Glenn Gissler ( as our chief ‘therapist,’ to deploy a holistic approach to rehabilitating the Pridwin Hotel. He immediately sought out our archival photographs, brochures and printed matter, seeking out the narratives of the hotel’s storied past. He combined this sense of history with a more contemporary sense of comfort to makeover the Pridwin lobby into a real living space last season…and the compliments on the change have been profuse.

We’ll use this space to describe the process of this year’s ideas and renovations as we move ahead. In the meantime, if you have any specific special memories from the Pridwin Hotel, please put them in the comment sections below or e-mail them to [email protected]

We will be compiling stories for a book of memories in 2012!


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