Sorry, No Pictures!

May 9th, 2011

The Pridwin renovation for 2011 is nearing completion, just in time for our opening this weekend. The entrances, lobby and dining room have all been substantially refurbished. We’ve decided not to share pictures of the progress to give the final result the surprise element it is due!

Long time guests and fans of the Pridwin, will notice that we are taking the Pridwin ‘back to her roots,’ resurrecting a number of the design elements that established the character of this Gatsby-era hotel. We are also playing off that history, literally having some fun with the Pridwin’s history both on the walls of the hotel and in the new printed materials we have created for this year.

Sorry to be so intentionally vague, but you’ll have to come and check out the Pridwin to experience the change for yourself. You will notice the changes the minute you step through the door.


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