Pridwin Caught!

July 23rd, 2011

Captain Gregg working on his line strategy on the Pridwin.

Guests who have been coming to the Pridwin many years know, but newcomers to the hotel and restaurant are always pleasantly surprised to learn that much and often most of the fish served at the Pridwin is “Pridwin caught.”

This tradition started many years ago when the hotel’s owner, Richard Petry, would take the small Pridwin boat–which was used during the daytime for boat rides and to waterskiing activities–on late night excursions for striped bass.

Dick Petry had essentially fled New York City life for the more bucolic experience of which fishing was perhaps the paramount part. One of Dick’s sons, Gregg, was born with an even greater passion for fishing than his father. Young Gregg would fish alone for hours on the Pridwin dock with his zip-on blue life vest.

When Gregg grew up, the two of them broadened their fishing horizon, investing in a real sport fishing boat (first a 32-foot Rampage and now a 35-foot Henriques) and expanding their fishing radius from Plum Island out to the continental shelf. With that the catches have become much more bountiful and exotic.

Now a typical Pridwin off-shore trip is a 36-48 hour excursion that they will take every two weeks. The catch will include albacore tuna (much better fresh than in a can, and great for grilling), yellowfin and bluefin tuna, swordfish, mako shark, wahoo and mahi mahi. Along the way they will always encounter pods of whales and porpoise who play around the boat. Fraught with obvious dangers, it’s a magical experience. Anyone who has been on one, knows why they love it so much.

This past week the Pridwin boat made two trips: one to Coxes ledge and the other offshore and the boat came back with cod from Coxes and yellowfin tuna from the Edge.

There is tremendous pride taken in serving our guests Pridwin-caught fish, caught on rod and reel, one by one, with total respect for the fish and sea from which they come.


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