We love our neighbors at Sylvestor Manor.

August 20th, 2011

Picking flowers at Sylvestor Manor on Shelter Island.

The great estate of Sylvestor Manor has been turned into an absolutely dynamic (literally biodynamic) organic farming and cultural destination. It warms our heart to see the transformation from a silent, giant expanse of beautiful space into a buzzing producer of wonderful vegetables (that we feature at the Pridwin) as well as a place where music is made on a daily basis.

The young farmhands routinely sing while they are working in the fields and can be seen breaking into sing-a-longs at the farmstand whenever there is an opportunity.

Sylvestor Manor also initiated a “Young Farmer’s” camp program this year that gives kids a firsthand experience with the land and the process of organic farming. At the end of every week the kids partake in a feast of what they’ve taken part in cultivating during the week. It’s amazing.

We love our neighbors at Sylvestor Manor.
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