A Happy Ending to the 2011 Summer Season

September 3rd, 2011

We are very grateful to have been spared the devastation that Irene brought to other places and are really feeling for our friends in Vermont and other inland areas—places typically spared the wrath of these seaborne storms. The Pridwin’s biggest casualty was a massive branch lost off one of our great grey oaks in the front yard. We were also spared the hardship of loss of power because of our generator, which powered us through two days of lost electric.

The Pridwin team did a magnificent job of clean up. By Monday afternoon the entire place was swept clean and new arrivals guessed that we had not been touched by the storm. Not quite!

Sunset at Pridwin after Irene. (Photo by Art Chang)

Going into Labor Day weekend, our last of the summer seasin, we are grateful for all that and the beautiful weather that has followed Irene. It is the type of weather you associate with September, a month many consider the most beautiful on the island.

And so we look forward to September, the Shelter Island Beach Bash on Saturday, September 10 and the “Plant and Sing Festival” at Sylvestor Manor on Columbus weekend and all the beautiful days in between. We hope you’ll come and visit!


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