“I Love Shelter Island!”

September 17th, 2011

We are pleased to host a guest blog post from the architect and designer Glenn Gissler ( who has been the mastermind and driving force behind the current rejuvenation of the Pridwin. He is constantly unearthing treasures from the Pridwin’s past and here he’s found a living treasure on Shelter Island:

By most standards I am a newcomer but after some eight summers I do take some ownership and pride in what happens on Shelter Island. Time has it’s own speed here but that doesn’t mean that progress doesn’t happen, it just happens on its own time!

Just after Memorial Day a new sign appeared on 114 across from Pat & Steve’s for ‘BOOKS Used & Rare’. I drove by it many times somehow thinking that it was there before, and while I had never been inside I erroneously assumed that it was a location that sold sad dusty old books with a basement smell.

Black Cat Books on Shelter Island

I continued to drive by until one day a freind asked me if I had been to the bookstore? He said that it was fantastic – had great books, was owned by lovely people and that the store had a great vibe.

60 minutes later I made it my business to check out Black Cat Books where I met Michael Kinsey and was seduced by the offerings and the environs.

I am here to tell you that if you have any kind of inkling for printed matter make it your business to visit Black Cat Books ASAP!.

Michael Kinsey and his wife Dawn Hedborg are not newcomers to the book business. In fact they opened their first bookstore in 1996 in Sag Harbor, moving to Bridgehampton for many years,. Then they purchased a lovely old house on Shelter Island that had a nice separate building that they used for their warehouse and base of business operations while maintaining a storefront in Sag Harbor.

As the used book business has evolved to a largely on-line business they closed their Sag Harbor storefront and reduced their commute to a walk across the yard. Providing for Shelter Islanders and visitors a fantastic new destination and cultural hub that has a well organized and wide selection of books, a large sofa that welcomes visitors to pick up a book and make themselves at home!

Glenn Gissler

Michael Kinsey of Black Cat Books on Shelter Island.

Black Cat Books

54 North Ferry Road



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