A Tradition of Local and Pridwin Caught Fish

July 28th, 2012

Gregg Petry was born with the fishing gene.

Anyone who has stayed at the Pridwin, dined with us or who has been to one of our Wednesday night cookouts, knows that whenever possible the fish we serve is Pridwin caught.   This means that either Captain Dick Petry or his son, Gregg, have been out in the local waters or far off shore at the edge of the continental shelf, fishing in some of the most beautiful waters in the region.

Being close to water in which he could fish was a major factor in Dick Petry’s decision to leave his position working for Grace Lines in Manhattan and to partner in the Pridwin in 1961.    Pridwin-caught bluefish and striped bass were early entries to the Pridwin menu, but overtime as the Pridwin boats got larger and the fishing territories expanded, cod, sea bass, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, mako shark, swordfish, tilefish and others more and less exotic have been added to the list.

Dick Petry’s youngest son, Gregg, got the ‘fishing gene’ as well and fished incessantly off the Pridwin dock his entire childhood.    Gregg could (and can) never get enough fishing, and was soon accepting invitations for epic off-shore adventures with his friend Jason Shields (who contributes regularly to The Reporter’s fishing column) and Jason’s father, the late, great Alan Shields.    Gregg often credits these trips with establishing his passion for fishing forever.

Dick and Gregg can’t always provide all the fish for a busy hotel, so the Pridwin has good relations with other local fisherman to make up the difference.   Bottomline is that the Pridwin only serves locallly caught fish.    You won’t find salmon, tilapia or branzino on the Pridwin menu.   Sorry!



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