The Last Week of Summer in a Blaze of Glory

August 26th, 2012

Summer always flies by!   And we hear ourselves saying again, “I can’t believe how fast it has gone.”

Well, it all centers on the adage that “Time flies when you are having fun.”   We have had a summer of truly wonderful weather and great times on Shelter Island and at the Pridwin.

We’ll be squeezing in as many bicycle, kayak, stand up paddle board rides as we can this week.   The Pridwin boat just took off this morning for it’s last offshore fishing trip of the actual summer season (there will be more in September, no doubt).

And we’ll have live music most nights this week through Labor Day with Champian Fulton playing piano and singing tonight and tomorrow, Monday, night and joining Dennis Raffelock and friends for the Tuesday night jazz jam.   The Lone Sharks will play for our last Wednesday Night Cookout of the season.  Thursday night will be our last jazz night of the season with Dennis Raffelock and guitartist Lou Messana.

And finally on Monday, Labor Day, we’ll be pouring the proseco and hula hooping on the front lawn in celebration of a great summer….and to kick off Shelter Island’s most beautiful month:  September.



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