Spared by Sandy

December 1st, 2012

The Pridwin and thankfully much of Shelter Island was spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s  wrath.     We did see record high water levels and very strong winds, but the surge proved mostly manageable and the rain, which contributes to ground softening and tree tumbling, fairly minimal for a hurricane.

You can see in the photo the waterline on the Pridwin property and can imagine how the waves were crashing on the lawn!

We were aided immensely by the fact that when Sandy arrived,  the Pridwin was buttoned up for the season and already prepared for the winter.

We took a load of blankets to Breezy Point with hopes to supply warmth to some of our Long Island neighbors tragically displaced by the storm and its numerous destructive manifestations.

Thanks to everyone who asked about how the Pridwin fared the storm.    We are grateful to report that we were very lucky.


The calm after the storm, Hurricane Sandy.



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