Is it Really Spring?

April 8th, 2013

It is chilly out here on Shelter Island, but you can feel the difference in the air, the turn to spring, the lengthening of days.    The Pridwin is beginning the rise out of hibernation, though there was not much rest for the “great white lady”  this winter.  A major renovation of the famed Pridwin deck has taken place along with a number of changes within to rooms and our cottages.    Changes that maintain the Pridwin character, but aim to keep her fresh for each new season.

Some specific renovations are that we have painted the interior of Cabin J and restored the wood floor, which mirrors similar renovations to Cabins C, D, E, F and G last season.    Cabin K is also receiving some restorative treatments.    Inside the hotel we are bringing new carpet to a number of rooms, along with other updates under the guidance of our friend and design guru Glenn Gissler (

More on that later….!


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