Shelter Island versus New York City Weather

June 2nd, 2013

There is a temptation to watch the local weather reports, which come from the New York City television stations, and think that Shelter Island and the East End will be experiencing those weather conditions.     It is often the case that weather on Shelter Island is  completely different.

The most common mis-predictions come with thunderstorm reports and rain volatility (when, for example, the prediction is imprecise, such as “a 40 percent chance of rain”) in the late spring and early summer.   Thunderstorms roll up the eastern seaboard and if you live in New York City or nearby you experience those fierce and concentrated storms regularly.  Sometimes it seems they are coming through everyday perfectly timed to the end of the day when you are trying to commute home.    Few of those storms ever reach out to the east end of long island.    Rather, those storms seem to roll like bowling balls up the east coast and into the Hudson valley, which acts somewhat like an alley .   Thunderstorms happen typically less frequently out east.

Heat indexes vary widely between New York City and Shelter Island, which will come as no surprise.   It is precisely because it’s cooler out east of the city that people have fled here in the summertime for decades and decades.    For example, this past week when temperatures were nearing 90 in the city, the temperatures on Shelter Island were a good five degrees cooler.   This may not seem like much, but when you add the cool breeze generating off the bay, the quality of the air in that breeze, and add the fragrance of the spring blossoming trees and flowers, you feel the difference with all your senses.



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