June Brides

June 16th, 2013

Bluebird clear sky, cool in the shade, warm in the sunshine, birds singing from every direction,  lush green leaves in the trees, calm on the bay with the lightest cool breeze, this is a June day on Shelter Island.    And it explains why so many brides wish to be a June bride.

On Shelter Island, the attraction can really be found in all of the spring and fall months.     May is a bit cooler, the green a shade lighter and you have that spring excitement of just coming off the winter.   September is in so many ways the ‘sleeper month.’    Most of the travelers flee immediately following Labor Day, leaving the island in a pristine state with lingering golden, summer sun and the bay at a perfect swimming temperature.    October is the month of surprises with either Indian summer warmth or the first cool temperatures, summoning us to be cozy in jackets and blankets around a fire and marveling at the changing season.

But right now, it’s June and it’s amazing.



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