Waterskiing Returns to the Pridwin! (with Wake Boarding and Wake Surfing too)

August 10th, 2013

Waterskiing was for the longest time a great part of the Pridwin experience.   Every afternoon we would post a sign-up sheet and anywhere from 6 to a dozen or more people of all ages would line up on the dock to either learn to water ski….or show off their stuff.

Then came the 1980s and litigation fears that caused insurance companies to withdraw their coverage of water skiing and other more adventurous activities.    The skis went into storage.

Finally in 2013, along comes Peconic Watersports, founded by Joe Flotteron,  a young, local wake board professional with a passion to bring back skiing and boarding and to make it work in the bay.

The technology has definitely changed since we taught water skiing at the Prdidwin.    And Joe Flotteron has put together a small fleet of absolutle state-of the-art boats and equipment.      You can water ski and tube, but  these boats also can take on water as ballast to toss up a bigger wake for more advanced wake boarding, and a super fun new sport:  wake surfing.

Here is Joe talking about the Peconic Watersports offering:

Just like the old days, we have a sign up sheet at the front desk and Joe will come pick you up at the Pridwin dock.    But if you’d like to make other arrangements, call him directly at:    609-937-9801

Have fun!



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