“Pridwin-Caught” Fish

March 29th, 2015

The tradition of Pridwin-caught fish goes back to the very beginning when Dick Petry began running the hotel in the ealry 1960s.     His passion for fishing was unrivaled… least until the birth of his second son, Gregg.

Gregg was unstoppable.     As a child, he would ask to fish everyday and eventually his parents capitulated to let him go on his own, provided he wear his zip-up life preserver (called “Willy the Whale” because of a cute whale print on it).   You can see the pride of the catch in the photo above where he’s holding a bluefish almost as big as himself with his Dad.

Eventually Captain Dick procured a boat substantial enough to go fishing ‘off shore.’      Up until this point all of the fishing was done in-shore,  in and around Shelter Island and Gardiner’s Bay on the threshold of the Atlantic ocean.    Catching striped bass, weakfish, fluke, bluefish.

But with the new vessel, the crew started to head out beyond Montauk into the deep blue sea often fishing on the edge of the continental shelf where the water depth plunges from about 700 to 3000 in the various ‘canyons’ at the edge of ‘the deep.’

Yellowfin.  Bluefin tuna.  Albacore.   Wahoo.  Mako.  Swordfish.  Mahi-mahi.    The catch expanded to many of the most delicous fish in the sea as Captain Petry and son Gregg began regular 2-day trips off shore throughout the season.  And when they can’t get off shore, you can be sure they are fishing in shore.   If one of the Pridwin boats is not at the dock, they are out fishing for the hotel restaurant.


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