The Unique Pridwin Experience

July 6th, 2016

What was it like vacationing at the Pridwin in the early days, back in the late 1920s and early 1930s?      In many ways, not so very different than it is today.   Of course, there wasn’t a pool overlooking the bay (there was a tennis court on that site), there weren’t private baths (there were shared baths in rooms until the early 1960s), there wasn’t air conditioning in the rooms and hotel (the cool breeze has stayed the same!), and cocktails were illegal (it was Prohibition!).

But much has stayed the same. Not many hotels today are made of wood, so the Pridwin really has more the feeling of a classic inn.   The Pridwin has always been known as a place where “one could get a good meal,” and we will always strive for that to match our singular water view.   Speaking of which, the view looking out from the Pridwin has not changed since it was built.   Pretty remarkable!

We have sought to maintain the same comfortable feeling of the lobby.   Back in the day when there was no television nor much in the way of recorded music, the guests would congregate in the lobby to hear someone play the piano (sometimes they might even roll up the rugs to dance) or do magic tricks.     The current movie room was a ‘card room,’’ where people would retire after dinner to play cards with their nightcaps.

The dock remains one of the best places to take a swim on the eastern seaboard.   Sure, the pool is wonderful, but nothing (nothing!) beats taking a swim off the Pridwin dock at high tide.


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