History of The Pridwin Hotel

The Pridwin Lobby

Named after the shield (“Prid’win”) of the legendary Celtic hero, King Arthur, the Pridwin Hotel was built from 1924 to 1926 by an English concern named the Queens Company Ltd. After the Queens Company Ltd. ran out of money and defaulted on their payments, Francis Myers, one of the building contractors, acquired the property. He completed construction and opened for business in 1927, operating the business until his death in 1947. Byron Nurse, who had been a former manager of the Biltmore Hotel in New York City, purchased the Pridwin and operated it until his death in 1951. His spouse, Lorraine Nurse, inherited the property and together with William Fraser, operated the hotel until it was purchased by the Frost, Mobius and Petry families in 1961.

Vintage photo of The Pridwin

Frederick and Mildred Frost had been guests of the hotel since 1930. They learned it was for sale while they were vacationing one Labor Day with their daughter and son-in-law (Richard Petry). The Petry’s continue to operate the Pridwin Hotel to this day.


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