The Pridwin – Awaking from Winter and Getting Busy

March 16th, 2014

Few of our guests venture out to Shelter Island in the winter and see the Pridwin in its hibernating state, cold and quiet, like the island itself.    The dominant color around is gray, but if you look closely at the water, which appears often like a perfect sheet of slate, you can see green and blue, awaiting their turn at the landscape.

Each March, the Pridwin emerges from its hibernation.    Each season we embark on renovations and projects.    Last year the big project was to rebuild the front deck of the hotel.   This season we will renovate the dining room and deck roof.  With the addition of some fresh paint and new lighting, the Pridwin deck will be even more spectacular this summer.

We will also continue with our hotel room renovations under the guidance of architect and designer Glenn Gissler (

The Pridwin will open this season on Friday March 16 and for the summer season on June 23 with the opening of the Pridwin restaurant serving breakfast lunch and dinner.   The first Pridwin Wednesday night cookout will take place on Wednesday, July 2.

Happy almost spring!


Moving in the Right Direction!

January 12th, 2014

We love the turn of the New Year because it means we are moving in the right direction.    The days are getting longer, which means there is light at the end of the long winter tunnel.

The Pridwin team is already working on improvements for the 2014 season that you will both see and feel.     Beyond our ongoing renovations program of the rooms and common areas we aim to increase staff so that we will be able to offer more general assistance with your baggage and such on arrival as well as in the area of concierge service, so we can help you explore more of what makes Shelter Island and the twin forks so incredibly special.

The Pridwin will open again in May!


The Pridwin is Closed for the 2013 Season

October 20th, 2013

We want to thank all of our long-time and new guests from this past year for joining us for a great season at the Pridwin Hotel.    This season we were blessed with fantastic weather and more beautiful sunsets than we could count.    The Wednesday Night Cookouts were exceptionally fun and we really have to thank The Lone Sharks, Majic, and The Realm for inspiring the dancing on our Wednesday nights.

Already looking forward to the summer of 2014, we have mapped out plans for renovations and improvements.    We’ll be keeping busy this winter.   But please do check in from time to time as we’ll be posting information about next season right here on the website.

Have a great fall and winter!


Waterskiing Returns to the Pridwin! (with Wake Boarding and Wake Surfing too)

August 10th, 2013

Waterskiing was for the longest time a great part of the Pridwin experience.   Every afternoon we would post a sign-up sheet and anywhere from 6 to a dozen or more people of all ages would line up on the dock to either learn to water ski….or show off their stuff.

Then came the 1980s and litigation fears that caused insurance companies to withdraw their coverage of water skiing and other more adventurous activities.    The skis went into storage.

Finally in 2013, along comes Peconic Watersports, founded by Joe Flotteron,  a young, local wake board professional with a passion to bring back skiing and boarding and to make it work in the bay.

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Breakfast Daily at the Pridwin – Donuts!

July 14th, 2013

Everyone knows about the Pridwin cookouts and many people know we serve lunch and dinner, but fewer probably know that we serve a daily all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast with everything from home-made granola and yogurt to scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage and fresh crepes or french toast.

But perhaps most celebrated of all are our freshly made donuts.   Each day our baker Elvin makes them by hand….and as anyone who loves donuts knows, donuts are a completely dfiferent experience when they are freshly made.



It’s Cookout Time!

July 3rd, 2013

The Pridwin Hotel  cookout season kicks off tonight, Wednesday, July 3.   We look forward to welcoming back our Shelter Island and North Fork friends who join us each year for our singular barbeque on the front lawn.     Tonight we’ll be following it up with live music by the ever-popular dance floor movers, Majik (next week will see the return of east end roots rock legends, The Lone Sharks.)

What started out as ‘the chef’s night off’, has become a perenniel favorite that we just love and are honored to host.   It did start out simple as a Wednesday night cookout with steamed clams, corn a few salads and a basic barbeque to cover for the chef’s day off.     Over the year’s it just grew and evolved.     We added a number of items such as mussels steamed in white wine, butter and garlic, peal-your-own shrimp, other salads, but perhaps most notably grilled tuna.   We added the tuna when the Pridwin boat started bringing the tuna in fresh from our off-shore trips.   That sure became popular!     And we introduced some twists to other favorites, such as the kalbi ribs (using a recipe owner Dick Petry brought back from a trip to Hawaii).      Need we mention…..the brownies?

We look forward to seeing our returning friends and making some new ones.     These next two weeks are brimming with cookouts because of local fireworks displays.  In addition to the Wednesday night cookouts, we’ll be hosting one this Saturday,July 6 and another on Saturday, July 13 for the Shelter Island Fireworks (fingers crossed)!


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Sign Up for Specials at the Pridwin Hotel

Over the course of the too-long winter we will be offering specials to our past guests and loyal website followers.  If you’d like to receive notice of such offers, please send us an e-mail and we will add you to our list.   To do so, just send a quick e-mail at [email protected]