The Pridwin Bar and Restaurant are Open!

June 22nd, 2013

It is that time of year again, the Pridwin restaurant is open to the public, serving our in-house and outside guests breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.    We begin with dinner on Sunday, June 23 and will end with dinner on Monday, Labor Day, September 2…..but that is thankfully an entire summer away.

We are very excited to have local legend, Chef Marcel Iattoni, working with our Executive Chef Keith Marty, bringing his signature elegance to salads of local greens, classic main courses like Crispy Long Island Duck Confit, and great inspiration to the Pridwin fish of the day (which is frequently Pridwin-caught by Captains Richard and Gregg Petry).

Jean-Pierre (JP) Torrealba is in charge of the bar and restaurant this season.  JP is a master mixologist, so expect great things (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) from the bar as well as masterful service in the dining room.

The Pridwin bar is open from noon until 11 PM (sometimes later….) daily.    We serve meals:

Breakfast buffet:  8:00-10:30 AM

Lunch 12:30-3:00  PM

Dinner 6:00- 9:30 PM

Walk in any time for breakfast, lunch or dinner, though reservations are definitely recommended for dinner.   Please phone us to reserve at:  631-749-0476.

Happy summer!


June Brides

June 16th, 2013

Bluebird clear sky, cool in the shade, warm in the sunshine, birds singing from every direction,  lush green leaves in the trees, calm on the bay with the lightest cool breeze, this is a June day on Shelter Island.    And it explains why so many brides wish to be a June bride.

On Shelter Island, the attraction can really be found in all of the spring and fall months.     May is a bit cooler, the green a shade lighter and you have that spring excitement of just coming off the winter.   September is in so many ways the ‘sleeper month.’    Most of the travelers flee immediately following Labor Day, leaving the island in a pristine state with lingering golden, summer sun and the bay at a perfect swimming temperature.    October is the month of surprises with either Indian summer warmth or the first cool temperatures, summoning us to be cozy in jackets and blankets around a fire and marveling at the changing season.

But right now, it’s June and it’s amazing.


Shelter Island versus New York City Weather

June 2nd, 2013

There is a temptation to watch the local weather reports, which come from the New York City television stations, and think that Shelter Island and the East End will be experiencing those weather conditions.     It is often the case that weather on Shelter Island is  completely different.

The most common mis-predictions come with thunderstorm reports and rain volatility (when, for example, the prediction is imprecise, such as “a 40 percent chance of rain”) in the late spring and early summer.   Thunderstorms roll up the eastern seaboard and if you live in New York City or nearby you experience those fierce and concentrated storms regularly.  Sometimes it seems they are coming through everyday perfectly timed to the end of the day when you are trying to commute home.    Few of those storms ever reach out to the east end of long island.    Rather, those storms seem to roll like bowling balls up the east coast and into the Hudson valley, which acts somewhat like an alley .   Thunderstorms happen typically less frequently out east.

Heat indexes vary widely between New York City and Shelter Island, which will come as no surprise.   It is precisely because it’s cooler out east of the city that people have fled here in the summertime for decades and decades.    For example, this past week when temperatures were nearing 90 in the city, the temperatures on Shelter Island were a good five degrees cooler.   This may not seem like much, but when you add the cool breeze generating off the bay, the quality of the air in that breeze, and add the fragrance of the spring blossoming trees and flowers, you feel the difference with all your senses.


Sailing the Spirit Seeker

May 24th, 2013

Shelter Island is a sailor’s paradise with its protected waters and fairly dependable southwest breeze.     We are so happy to have met Captain Ike Rodriguez and his beautiful 39-foot sailing yacht  the Spirit Seeker, who this season will be offering Pridwin guests the opportunity to take advantage of Shelter Island’s ideal waters.

The Spirit Seeker will be available for private daytime charter or sunset cruises throughout the season.   We are grateful that Ike is offering special pricing for Pridwin guests.

Ike’s expertise goes well beyond being a seasoned sailor.  He is also a Reiki master and he can incorporate Reiki, yoga and meditation into the charters.   Though it’s quite possible that just gently gliding through Shelter Island’s beautiful waters is enough.     As you prefer, the Spirit Seeker will take you where you want to be.

For information on scheduling a charter, taking part in a sunset cruise or pricing, please ask at our Front Desk or call Captain Ike directily at:   917-226-9765

Memorial Day Weekend is Here!

May 20th, 2013

We are so excited for Memorial Day Weekend, which is in so many ways and for so many people the kick-off of the summer season.    Shelter Island is a great place to be for Memorial Day weekend, between the crisp, freshness of spring and the pure Americana of the Memorial Day parade in the Center of the island, you may feel like you have slipped into the Andy Griffith’s Show or a musical piece by Aaron Copland.     You could also be completely detached from ‘the goings on” and just kick back by the pool, or hop on a bike to a quiet beach or take a hike through Mashomack and just feel the rejuvenating powers of nature in the early growth season.

At the Pridwin, we’re open as if it was summer season.  The water may be a little brisk, but the kayaks and paddle boards are ready, the pool is open and our dining room and bar are open.   Beginning Friday evening our bar opens and we we’ll be serving dinner until 10:30 PM, then breakfast, lunch and dinner through breakfast on Memorial Day morning.

We are not advertising the fact that we are serving meals as we typically serve only the hotel guests during Memorial Day weekend.   But you, faithful blog readers, we would be glad to have visit.    Feel free to make a reservation or just walk-in if you’re interested.   We’d love to see you.   For  any inquiries, please call our Front Desk at 631-749-0476.

The Pridwin 2013 Season Begins

May 5th, 2013

Well, technically the 2013 “off” season begins this coming weekend, May 10, when the Pridwin opens.    The Pridwin summer season doesn’t begin untli Sunday, June 23.

What does this actually mean?   It means that the Pridwin’s hotel rooms and cottages are open and available seven days a week beginning on Friday, May 10 and will remain open through Columbus Day weekend.    During this time the Pridwin offers continental breakfast to our guests.    What distinguishes the summer season ((June 23 through Labor Day) is that the Pridwin restaurant will be completely open serving full breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, seven days a week, as will be the Pridwin bar, overlooking the bay and offering the mixological specialites (both alcoholic and alcohol free) the Pridwin has long been known for.

Between now and when the summer season begins on June 23, there is Memorial Day Weekend, which offers a special preview of summer life at the Pridwin.    During Memorial Day Weekend, the Pridwin restaurant is open serving all meals with breakfast and dinner included for a special holiday weekend price.    Check in wth your Front Office for more details.   We look forward to seeing you sometime this season!


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Sign Up for Specials at the Pridwin Hotel

Over the course of the too-long winter we will be offering specials to our past guests and loyal website followers.  If you’d like to receive notice of such offers, please send us an e-mail and we will add you to our list.   To do so, just send a quick e-mail at [email protected]