Is it Really Spring?

April 8th, 2013

It is chilly out here on Shelter Island, but you can feel the difference in the air, the turn to spring, the lengthening of days.    The Pridwin is beginning the rise out of hibernation, though there was not much rest for the “great white lady”  this winter.  A major renovation of the famed Pridwin deck has taken place along with a number of changes within to rooms and our cottages.    Changes that maintain the Pridwin character, but aim to keep her fresh for each new season.

Some specific renovations are that we have painted the interior of Cabin J and restored the wood floor, which mirrors similar renovations to Cabins C, D, E, F and G last season.    Cabin K is also receiving some restorative treatments.    Inside the hotel we are bringing new carpet to a number of rooms, along with other updates under the guidance of our friend and design guru Glenn Gissler (

More on that later….!

Spared by Sandy

December 1st, 2012

The Pridwin and thankfully much of Shelter Island was spared the worst of Hurricane Sandy’s  wrath.     We did see record high water levels and very strong winds, but the surge proved mostly manageable and the rain, which contributes to ground softening and tree tumbling, fairly minimal for a hurricane.

You can see in the photo the waterline on the Pridwin property and can imagine how the waves were crashing on the lawn!

We were aided immensely by the fact that when Sandy arrived,  the Pridwin was buttoned up for the season and already prepared for the winter.

We took a load of blankets to Breezy Point with hopes to supply warmth to some of our Long Island neighbors tragically displaced by the storm and its numerous destructive manifestations.

Thanks to everyone who asked about how the Pridwin fared the storm.    We are grateful to report that we were very lucky.


The calm after the storm, Hurricane Sandy.


The Wonder of Mashomack

September 22nd, 2012

Quite possibly the best thing to do on your September weekend getaway to Shelter Island is a hike through Mashomack, the island’s wonderful 2100-acre nature sanctuary and one of the prize preserves of the Nature Conservancy.

Mashomack offers numerous, well-marked and easy trails to choose from in varying distance from 1.5 to 12 miles, offering a great combination of woodland, marsh, meadow and shorelines.     The mild temperatures of September makes it a perfect time to hike and the gentle buzz of insects is simply breathtaking.

There is also a great nature display in the historic building at the trail head.   Helpful Nature Conservancy volunteers will offer you a map and guide your hiking choices.   Do not miss the opportunity to experience one of the great natural wonders of the region!

For more information on Mashomack, visit the Nature Conservancy website:





Weekend Special Celebrating September at the Pridwin

September 8th, 2012

Many people feel that September is the most beautiful month on Shelter Island, because of the slightly cooler temperatures, the golden quality that the sunlight takes on as it transitions to autumn, as well as the quieter atmosphere, compared to August the busiest month of all.

The Pridwin is celebrating September by offering a weekend special package over the Septmber 14 and 15th weekend.    The package includes Friday and Saturday night stay with a tasting of local wines on Saturday evening followed by a special harvest menu dinner (including, of course, Pridwin caught fish as well as Marcel’s renowned crispy Long Island duck confit.)   Contintental breakfast is also included on Saturday and Sunday and will include our famous home-made donuts.

So that you can make the most of the remains of summer and the warm bay water,all use of our kayaks, stand up paddle boards, sunfish, and row boats are complimentary for this special weekend.   The cost of the package is $575 for two, plus tax.    Please phone our office for reservations:   631-513-2100.

The Last Week of Summer in a Blaze of Glory

August 26th, 2012

Summer always flies by!   And we hear ourselves saying again, “I can’t believe how fast it has gone.”

Well, it all centers on the adage that “Time flies when you are having fun.”   We have had a summer of truly wonderful weather and great times on Shelter Island and at the Pridwin.

We’ll be squeezing in as many bicycle, kayak, stand up paddle board rides as we can this week.   The Pridwin boat just took off this morning for it’s last offshore fishing trip of the actual summer season (there will be more in September, no doubt).

And we’ll have live music most nights this week through Labor Day with Champian Fulton playing piano and singing tonight and tomorrow, Monday, night and joining Dennis Raffelock and friends for the Tuesday night jazz jam.   The Lone Sharks will play for our last Wednesday Night Cookout of the season.  Thursday night will be our last jazz night of the season with Dennis Raffelock and guitartist Lou Messana.

And finally on Monday, Labor Day, we’ll be pouring the proseco and hula hooping on the front lawn in celebration of a great summer….and to kick off Shelter Island’s most beautiful month:  September.


Shelter Island’s Union Chapel in the Grove

August 18th, 2012

The Union Chapel in the Grove is a lovely and distinctive piece of Shelter Island’s architectural and spiritual history.

Originally the chapel for a Summer Camp Meeting for Methodists who later moved off island, it is now an interdenominational Christian house of worship.

One hundred and forty summers ago, Methodists organized a Camp Meeting and began holding summer worship services in the open grove.  Worship moved indoors when the current chapel was built in 1875, which is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Summering clergymen of various denominations took turns conducting services until 1906, when the appointment of resident ministers started.  In 1975, the pattern of rotating clergy was resumed and continues today with many well-known and interesting clergy conducting the summer Sunday services.

Despite periodic renovations, the frame structure remains virtually unaltered.  Four memorial windows were installed at the turn of the century.  They include two “marine mosaics” flanking the chancel, which require closer examination.  They include seashells in their compositions – not just leaded glass! The windows are the work of a local artist, Walter Cole Brigham, who derived his inspiration and materials from the Island’s beaches and includes in the window local sea shells that provide a distinctive translucent glow.

Casual Summer Services take place every Sunday at 10:30 am throughout the summer – a pleasant and historic way to start your Sunday.

 Photos and post courtesy of Glenn Gissler

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